We are a design studio engaged in designing buildings and interiors.

Our services:

  • Design (interior elements and furniture designing)
  • Interior design (interior studies, interior designs, budgets, representing clients in the interior implementation)
  • Architecture(architectural drawings, designs for planning and building permits, detail designs)
  • Presentation of the project (3D modelling, visualization, graphical presentation of investment projects)
  • Advice in investment construction
  • Engineering (ensuring changes in land use plan, zoning and planning decision, building permit and certificate of occupancy)
  • Construction budgets (itemized budgets for buildings and interiors)
  • Author and engineering supervision (on-site author and engineering supervision)

We supply furniture and interior accessories directly from manufacturers, especially from Italy:

Childrenś furniture Bedrooms Office furniture Sofa sets GV Salotti
Bookcases Kitchen modern Kitchen classic Bathrooms
Living room Tables Dinning tables Chairs
Lamps Decoration Luxury leather seats  Wardrobes

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