Office furniture from ZG Mobili is designed for staff and middle management offices,25mm thick work tops in melamine faced panels with 52mm rounded corners edged in 2mm thick abs create sober lines and protect from injuries in the event of accidental knocks. the desks are available with three different types of structure: 1- melamine faced panels with 25mm thick side panels and 18mm thick back panels with adjustable feet. finishes: elm, grey or walnut. 2- aluminium finish metal trestle type structure. 3- aluminium finish metal arch structure; its protective cover can be prepared to carry cables. on desks with metal structures cabling runways are created bymeans of channelled beams uniting the support legs. connecting elements, peninsolas, screens, modesty panels and screen panels complete the desks to meet different needs. drawer packs on wheels or feet all come with locks, coordinating elements with laminate doors, glass doors, drawers and pull-out files are included in the system.

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