Living room furniture

SANTAROSSA Santarossa, the parent company of the group, has been a leader in the contemporary furniture sector since it was first established in 1972. Building on a wealth of experience in the art of carving, the founders’ original passion soon shifted to the industrial production of designer modular furniture and systems that architecturally define interiors, offering a product range that is continually expanding and evolving. Santarossa keeps in step with the times by combining large production lots and high-quality craftsmanship with a creative, designer approach. The extraordinary versatility of the designs, which results from the perfect integration of different construction systems, allows the elements to be grouped into arrangements that have harmonious proportions and volumes. The pieces are distinguished by a strong, solid design, in which the simplicity of the concept is developed through exceptional technical skill. The designs have a contemporary flair that complements daily life, offering the perfect addition to rooms of any size, from living areas to bedrooms.

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